About MK Dancewear:

Heather McKinney, Owner

Heather McKinney, Owner
(Photo by Fred Western)

Owned by a dancer; for dancers
MK Dancewear (Formerly McKinney Dancewear),
is owned and operated by Heather McKinney,
Master Fitter and an award winning former professional dancer and
choreographer, with over 30 years of industry experience in ballet, ballroom, jazz,
modern, tap, highland, and musical theater.

Heather McKinney Choreography & Theater Resume

Chicago Musical      Nutcracker        
Photos courtesy of the Kalamazoo Civic and the Kalamazoo Ballet Company

The Best Fit
Precise fitting is required in pointe shoes.
Dancers may arrange a fitting with Master Fitter Heather McKinney, or another
MK Dancewear certified fitter, to provide superlative pointe shoe fittings
to students, pre-professionals and professionals.
Heather has over 30 years of industry experience.

Pointe shoes are a specialized tool in dance. Properly fitting pointe shoes can enhance your performance with the confidence that your shoes will be there for you and working WITH you while you perform. In contrast, if you’ve been incorrectly fit into improperly fitting pointe shoes, not only is your performance affected, but your health could be as well. It’s extremely important to be properly fitted into the right pointe shoes! Bruised toenails, pain, bunions exacerbated, excessive blisters, broken toes, even broken ankles can occur when you’ve been improperly fit into the wrong pointe shoes!
The damage that an incorrect fitting can cause, not only to the foot itself, but your technique, is not worth the risk! Make sure your fitter has the knowledge and experience required to fit pointe shoes!

Expert pointe shoe fittings by appointment:
Lansing:  517-303-6448
Portage: 269-598-5660
Email:  mkdancewear@gmail.com
(please indicate which location)

Customer Service
Customer Service isn’t just about being “nice”.  It’s about courtesy, respect, sharing experience, listening and responding to your needs and wants, answering questions with accurate information, offering suggestions of new styles to try, properly fitting garments or shoes, supporting you during a big performance or competition, congratulating you on a job well done, and offering classes and workshops on skills that matter to you.
Our customers are the most important part of our business,
and that shows in everything we do!

Rewards Program Details
1 point for every dollar spent
212 Points = 20% OFF Total Purchase!
Tracked automatically; No punch cards needed.
No exclusions! No expiration! No worries!

In 2018, customers saved a total of $3,582.24 using our rewards program!

Sustainable Business
We take pride in ownership.  That’s why, as much as possible, we’ve chosen brands that produce items made in the USA, United Kingdom, France, and Canada.
Our business practices demonstrate environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility.
Social responsibility is a key element in a successful workplace! Our well-trained and well-qualified staff enjoy a living wage!
We’re proud to be active participants in the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum! From paper to pointe shoes…
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!